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14-04-2002, 20:05
Is Kaaba the Center of the World ?

There have been studies showing that Holy Kaaba is even geographical center in Cairo has shown that Holy Kaaba is the center of the whole world. They have also said that Makkah Mukarrama and Kaaba are a center for a circle with a radius of 8000 kilometers encompassing all the centers of civilization in Asia, Africa and Europe. They also said that Holy Kaaba is the center of all the cities in the radius of 13000 kilometer including North and South America, Australia and the South Pole. The study also said that Holy Kaaba was actually the center of all the land which later on merged with each other due to the Oceans.

Direction of Kaaba by seeing sun.

It will be very interesting to note that the Egyptian scholars have found that on two particular days in a year the sun is right on top of the Holy Kaaba and that is the time when if a person views the sun he is certainly looking to the direction of Holy Kaaba. This method is so exact and simple that there is no need of any compass etc. All one has to do is to look where the sun is and that will be the direction of the Holy Kaaba. No matter where you are in the World all you have to do is to be exact in your time to minute level according to the GMT. Hence wherever one can see sun at that time one can find the exact direction of Holy Kaaba. For Non muslims it may not be of any benefit but for a Muslim it is as a Muslim has to offer prayer five times a day and no one can be sure about the direction of the Holy Kaaba when a person is thousands of miles away from Makkah Mukarrama. The dates and the exact timing are :

1.. 28th May every year at 9:18 GMT.

2.. 15th July every year at 9:27 GMT.

These are the two timing s when the sun makes an angle of 180 degrees with Holy Kaaba and where ever one will see the sun he/she can make a line straight to the sun's direction and that will be the qibla. For those countries where the sun cannot be seen as there may be night time in some countries the other method to follow is on the these dates but to look in the exact opposite direction of the sun which will be the direction of the Holy Kaaba. These dates are

1. 28th November 21:9 GMT (every year)

1.. 13th January 21:9 GMT (every year)

The research has been made by Dr.Ahmad Ismail Khalifa, professor of the engineering Deptt. Al Azhar university. He said that the Muslim scholars have observed that sun while running its course from East to West crosses over the Makkah Mukarrama region many times in a year.

14-04-2002, 20:31
[updated:LAST EDITED ON 14-04-02 AT 07:32 PM (GMT)]There are many maps of the world and thus many centres.
One of the most convincing maps is to divide the world by
population. In this way the centre of the world would
probably be Mount Everest - mid way between China and India.

Centre - as in nearest to the Centre:
The world is not quite a sphere so the part of the globe that
is nearest to the centre of the earth is either the North Pole
or the South Pole. I think it is quite a large amount - about
16 MILES - that is a lot - SIXTEEN MILES NEARER the centre of
the earth then anywhere else.

Continental Drift:
This is a continous process as there are convection currents under the earths crust. We are continually moving. The centre (in the sense you mean) is therefore moving slightly every single second.

15-04-2002, 07:08
[updated:LAST EDITED ON 15-04-02 AT 06:10 AM (GMT)]Hi Zaid,

When I was a kid, (well, a littler kid) I used to have a lot of fun in awe of my amazing ingenuity. I discovered that at all times I was the center of the world. It's true! And so are you! Just think about it. From where I sit I can form the center of a circle with exactly one half the earth's circumfrence as my circle's radius. It's all about me!

Your source said the Makkah is the center, and that's right! Just like I'm the center. And you. And London. And Medina. And Jerusalem. Bejing. Buenos Aires. Toronto. Etc, etc.

If you were to take a ball and mark off a hundred points which correspond to the hundred biggest cities in the world, there would be no center. They'd just be everywhere. Every point is like another, every center like another. Sure, some have smaller distances from the farthest point than others but there's really just a lot of chaos.

I have suspect their numbers too. They said 1,300 km as a radius of a circle including all major cities. If you made a radius from Makkah that would include every point on earth, it would be around 20,000 km. (Excuse my American notation. That's one half the circumfrence of the earth, by the way.) that's a big 7,000 km of space where there's supposedly no big cities? That's one third of the earth.

Another tidbit of common sense is this: first your source says Makkah is the center of the major cities of the world. Then they say Makkah is the center of where Pangea used to be. (That big megacontinent.) Now if the the Americas are moving away from Eurasia and Africa, that means the center of their area is moving too, like Netcurtains said. Look at it this way: the physical formula for the center of mass is (center of mass)=(mass of second area)/(mass of first aread + mass of second area)x(distance between the areas). In othe words, as the distance changes, the center of mass changes. (I think this is the first time that formula has every meant anything to me.) Your sources want to have Makkah be the center in both cases, but this is physically impossible. Unless their definition of center is some sneaky trick they're not telling us.

I hope you don't think I've been attacking you in any way, I haven't. I only think your sources have been trying to imply that Makkah has some properties that could only have been given by Allah. For the reasons above I think those are incorrect.

And yes, the sun comes directly over the Kaaba twice a year. In fact, every point on the earth which is between the tropic of cancer and tropic of capricorn, like Makkah, comes perpendicular to the sun on two days, always six months apart from each other.



15-04-2002, 21:00
[updated:LAST EDITED ON 15-04-02 AT 08:01 PM (GMT)]This NEAREST, FURTHEST thread actually has got me thinking. It is interesting - thanks for starting it.

I was just sitting down to dinner and I was thinking (as a result of this thread) what is the furthest place on this planet away from Jesus?

Well one area has got to be Israel. Then I went further. What place in Isreal is the actual furthest away from Jesus? I think it might be Jesus's "Crib" in that Church which has soldiers outside and inside.

Daniel a prophet said about the end of the world:

Daniel Ch 12.
"..And From that time that daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up..."

Christian "fundamentalists" assume the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt and the Mosque that is currently there will be knocked down for this prophecy to come true (hence their sicko support of Israel). Things never go to fundamentalist plans.

20-04-2002, 13:33
I honestly don't know if this is true but it's interesting though.They say when Neil Armstrong went up to the moon,he saw the Kaabah being the very centre of the Earth.

Don't know wheather it's true though!

Ruqayyah Ramli

20-04-2002, 13:53
>I honestly don't know if this is true but it's interesting
>though.They say when Neil Armstrong went up to the moon,he
>saw the Kaabah being the very centre of the Earth.
>Don't know wheather it's true though!
>Ruqayyah Ramli

I have not heard of this...but i have heard from various sources that, neil armstrong heard the azzan at the moon, he could not work it out, what was that? when he came down, he heard it from a local mosque and then inquired about the certain call or sound.

Then he found out that it was the call toprayer by the muslims... the other thing i have also heard is that, he saw the line, which the blessed prophet, halfed the moon...!

Very interesting things....! If we all join NASA then we can see? Any millionaires here?! But you dont need money or a nice blonde hair to find the one who created everything, read the quran and reflect upon the signs of the body to the universe..!


20-04-2002, 14:11
I'm very dark (spanish looking celt) so I hope my opinion still counts. I've just had a look at the World on my middle sons wall.
The rough centre (at a very rough look) is somewhere above the Aral

The Aral sea is in very bad shape.

20-04-2002, 14:44
Sadiq brother...

the adhan story is not true... i do'nt know about the line where the moon split i heard it too... can't remember if its true or not although i do think it is.

but i'm sure the adhan thing is a false rumer spread around awhile ago :)

26-04-2002, 00:39

This is what I know of the Kaaba.

Islam's Holiest Place

About a billion Muslims throughout the world view the city of Mecca as "the site of divine, angelic, prophetic, and auspicious human activity since the primordial moment of creation." According to Islam it is where creation began, where Abraham built the first house of worship, and where he took his concubine Hagar and their son, Ishmael.

More recently, probably about 570 C.E., Mecca, Saudi Arabia, was where the prophet Mu"hammad was born. At first his teachings met with little response. Mecca was an oasis on the caravan trade route between India and Europe, and its powerful merchants feared that his religious reforms might lead to an economic slowdown. Failing to get a foothold there, the prophet turned to Yathrib, which became known as Al-Mad"inah (Medina), a city over 200 miles [300 km] to the northeast. But in 630 C.E., he returned to Mecca, captured it, and made it the spiritual center of Islam.

Today Mecca is a wealthy and cosmopolitan city, even though only Muslims may reside there. During DhuŽl-Hijja, the holy month of pilgrimaging, millions visit to fulfill their religious duty of hajj. While in Mecca pilgrims visit the Sacred Mosque, where they walk seven times around a small shrine located near the center of the mosque's roofless courtyard.

This shrine is the Kaaba, a cube-shaped structure normally covered by a large curtain of black brocade and containing the sacred Black Stone. This stone, which Muslims believe was given to Adam for the forgiveness of sins upon his expulsion from Eden, was then supposedly white. In Muslim tradition the original Kaaba perished in Noah's Flood, but the Black Stone was preserved and later given to Abraham by the angel Gabriel, after which Abraham rebuilt the Kaaba and restored the Black Stone to its proper place. It is in the direction of the Kaaba-according to Islam the holiest place on earth-that Muslims orient themselves in prayer five times a day.

Twenty-four gates lead into the courtyard of the Sacred Mosque, but the traditional entrance for pilgrims is the Gate of Peace, located at the northern corner. Still, things are not always peaceful during the hajj. In 1987, Islamic dissidents attempted to take control of the mosque. Order was soon restored but not before over 400 Muslims were killed and some 650 injured. Such an obvious lack of peace at the most holy of all Islamic shrines is regrettable, but Muslims gain comfort from Islamic teaching, according to which anyone who dies while on the hajj gains immediate entry to heaven.



26-04-2002, 07:59
[updated:LAST EDITED ON 26-04-02 AT 10:45 AM (GMT)]Thanks van.
Interesting info. Mecca? I thought I'd hurd the name somewhere.

lol (sorry I mean HEARD not HURD - I'm getting worse and worse).